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Carrière Du Hainaut

Carrière Du Hainaut / Tiles

Coarse-grain Pick-Dressed

For that little touch of character which will make all the difference in your daily surroundings, the 'Pick-Dressed' finish by Carrières du Hainaut® offers subtle tonal contrasts that bring out the authentic sparkle of the original, rough material.

These interrupted, parallell shining carvings are in fact wholly structured but appear not to be.

The 'Coarse-grain Pick-Dressed' finish is a rougher cut, with thicker, deeper and more spaced out carving whereas the 'Fine-grain Pick-Dressed' is more delicate with tighter, lighter and thinner lines.

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Color : light grey
Density : 2687 Kg/m3
Wear resistance Capon : 18,8 mm


Resistence to frost : Zero
Origin : Belgium
Porosity : 0,36 %
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